Stage & Screen Design Ireland has been developed by Irish Theatre Institute in collaboration with Year of Irish Design 2015, Irish Film Board and Culture Ireland. The site is a showcase of designers originally from and/or working in Ireland, and features productions highlighted by the designers themselves and the companies they worked with between 2007-2014.

Rather than a full listing of productions, the aim is to give a sense of each designer’s unique style and method, and a flavour of the work that goes on behind the scenes. Featuring original drawings, models, production images, sound clips and videos, the site presents an exceptional portfolio of best designs for stage and screen coming from Ireland.

The website will also feature buildings designed to house performance and cinematic art including theatres, opera houses, art centres and cinemas built in Ireland within the project’s timeframe.

Siobhán Bourke – Co-Director, ITI
Ewa Senger – Programme Coordinator, ITI
Lian Bell – Project Manager

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  Irish Theatre Institute

Irish Theatre Institute (ITI) is a resource organisation that supports and acknowledges the achievements and ambition of Irish artists and companies across all aspects of theatre practice. ITI has pioneered networking, information provision and on-line research tools and has become a key resource organisation for the Irish theatre. Find out more here:

The point of this microsite is to raise national and international awareness of the strength of Irish designers working for stage and screen. It is run along the same lines as the other Irish Theatre Institute database websites and


  Parameters for inclusion

The design work contained within Stage & Screen Design Ireland has been highlighted by the organisations and designers themselves, with some additions from the ITI editorial team. Credits, images, biographies and artist statements have been supplied by both designers and companies, or have been sourced by the editorial team.

To be included, designers must be working with professional production companies, and must be one of the following:

  • Irish, living and working anywhere
  • Not Irish, living and working in Ireland
  • Not Irish, with at least 4 professional design credits for a single Irish company
  • Not Irish, with at least 8 professional design credits across a number of Irish companies

Areas of design included in the site are:

  • Stage: theatre, dance, street performance/spectacle, circus and opera
  • Screen: feature-length film (drama) and television series or feature (drama)

Design roles currently covered by the site are:

  • For Stage– Set Design, Lighting Design, Sound Design and/or Composition, Costume Design, Hair and/or Makeup Design, Video Design
  • For Screen – Production Design, Costume Design, Hair Design, Makeup Design

  Photographers' Credits

Many thanks to all the photographers who granted permission for the use of their images on this site. Particular thanks are due to Bernard WalshJonathan Hession, Patrick Redmond, Ros Kavanagh and Steffan Hill and  for their permission, their guidance and their help in sourcing images.

Please note, that copyright of the images of stage productions lies, for the most part, with the photographer; copyright of the images of screen productions lies, for the most part, with the production company. For permission to use any of the images in this site, or for higher resolution images, you must contact the relevant company and/or credited photographer.

  Editorial and update policy

  • Designers and productions featured on the site have been highlighted by production companies, and by the designers themselves. ITI’s editorial team has included some additional significant designs/designers at this stage. Credits, images, biographies and artist statements have been supplied by both designers and companies, or have been sourced by the editorial team.
  • Currently, the website timeline includes work that was first screened/ premiered between January 2007 and December 2014. We plan to extend this timeframe in the future.
  • If designers or companies would like to amend information or images currently displayed on their page, they can email Ewa Senger at with updates. Please note, these updates will not appear on the site immediately, but will be added to a rolling list of edits to the site.
  • If, for any reason, a designer would like to remove a production from their highlight list, they can email Ewa Senger at with details.
  • will be updated by ITI biannually. Designers and production companies will then be asked to submit updated information and images on a regular basis.
  • While Irish Theatre Institute has taken every care in collating information for this website, and for obtaining clearance for all images used, it does not assume and hereby disclaims any liability to any party for loss or damage caused by errors or omissions.
  • Irish Theatre Institute reserves the right to edit texts, biographies and credits as needed to fit the parameters of the site.

  Irish Society of Stage & Screen Designers (ISSSD)

We are delighted to announce the launch of the Irish Society of Stage & Screen Designers. The ISSSD celebrates the work of stage and screen designers living and working in Ireland. It is a professional organisation run by designers for designers. The ISSSD acts as a hub for the sharing of information and communication between professional designers in the national and international network of creative arts, design media and performance practices.

The ISSSD needs your help today to get off the ground. We are asking prospective members to donate €50 towards the establishment of this society. This donation will be taken against your membership fee.

Click HERE for more information

Your donation will allow us to register with the Design and Craft Network, permitting us to act as an official society for Designers of Stage and Screen in Ireland.

ISSSD Acting Committee, 25th July 2016