Maeve Clancy

Set design

Maeve Clancy is an artist who creates work for children and adults using cut paper, story and drawings. She has worked on music videos for singer Lisa Hannigan, mounted solo exhibitions and written both fictional and historical comic stories.

Recent commissions include a paper installation for the Tall Ships Festival Dublin, a permanent artwork in perspex and light for St John the Baptist Boy’s School in Clontarf, Dublin, a pop up book for Samsung Galaxy Note 3 advertising campaign and a large scale installation at a National Trust property in Somerset, UK.

In 2014, she completed a fully paper set for Branar Téatar do Pháistí’s object theatre work Bláth and a solo exhibition of cut paper artwork on show at Corte Eremo, Mantova, Italy. Maeve is currently working on a graphic novel, a theatre set design and private commissions.

Maeve Clancy   Bláth

Stage Theatre
Set design
Production company
Branar Téatar do Pháistí
Premiere Venue
Lime Tree Theatre, Limerick
Marc Mac Lochláinn
Marc Mac Lochláinn
Anita Murphy

Artist Statement

In August 2013, I began work with a company called Branar, based in Galway. They develop and produce theatre pieces for children, often involving puppets. They wanted to create a new work based on the picture book ‘The Flower’ by John Light and Lisa Evans and were interested in a set built entirely of paper. This play was to be called Bláth.

Using dark grey mounting card, I discovered that if I scored the front of the sheet, I could cut out shapes and peel them off, revealing the cream surface underneath. In this way, I could use the properties of the board to create a lino-print like effect with just a scalpel and without any need for glue. Once I found the technique, I immediately applied it to the entire set design.

When making artwork this way, it feels as though the image is enclosed in the card- you just need to reveal it by cutting away all of the parts which are not needed.

In this play, we wanted the city to be one of the three main characters of the piece: along with the Boy/Buachaill and the Old Man/Seanfhearr. My aim was to create a city which was imposing without being scary. And a place of escape in the old city with its awkward shapes and natural materials.