Francesco Turrisi

Composition / Sound design

Francesco Turrisi has been defined a “musical alchemist” and a “musical polyglot” by the press. He left Italy in 1997 to study jazz piano and early music at the Royal Conservatory of The Hague. Since 2004 he has been collaborating with celebrated early music ensemble L’Arpeggiata. He regularly collaborates with Italian traditional singer Lucilla Galeazzi and with Irish ensembles.

Francesco is also the leader and founder of The Taquín Experiments an ensemble that pushes the boundaries of contemporary jazz, world music and early music.

He has released four critically acclaimed albums. His latest album Grigio features Sean Nos singer Roisin El Safty, early music singer Clara Sanabras and percussion virtuoso Zohar Fresco. The album was described as “Lyrical, sensitively assembled and beautifully sung” by John Fordham in a review for The Guardian.

Francesco currently performs on piano, accordion, harpsichord, organ, lavta, baroque guitar, frame and goblet drums.

Francesco Turrisi   Tundra

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Composition / Sound design
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